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Kdwow's Bio and Free Webcam

Birth Date:
Feb. 9, 1988
Interested In:
Men, Women, Couples
KDLand, United States
Last Broadcast:
3 days, 20 hours
Body Decorations:
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About Me:

I enjoy showing my body and having orgasms with you <3 I do this for pleasure (mine & yours) no tips are required by any means! I also use my stream to promote mental illness awareness (I have Bipolar I Disorder and PTSD)
NO PM's NO Privates NO C2C No Custom Videos

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TWITTER: kdwow_
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*I am a domestic abuse survivor so it is very important that I give no details regarding my location. Please respect my privacy.*

1. Dick Size: I do not remember the biggest dick I have had and I don't care about dick size at all they all work. I don't care about circumised or not. All dicks are fine! Your dick is fine!!

2. 2010 was last sex with a guy. 2015 was last sex with girl. I have not had ANY sex since then with ANYONE.
I am bisexual I like both men and women.

3. I am currently celibate and single by choice indefinitely.
I am celibate because it allows me to give my entire being to my passion in life (making people happy) rather than have to share myself with 1 person I can share my whole self with the world.

4.I am also dealing with Complex PTSD from years of abuse and am not ready to have any kind of relationship with anyone

5. I have not done anal or anything more than a finger. I really don't think I want to try it nor do I want someone licking my asshole. I could change my mind with the right person I think.

6. Yes I am single but not looking. I don't have an age or type that I am interested in. I am celibate which means no relationships and no sex.

7. I don't care where a guy cums I'm pretty much open to whatever.

8. I cum the hardest from clit & penetration combined, the longest from clit alone, and mostly squirting orgasms from just penetration. I don't remember the first time I squirted.

9. i do not want to watch your cam or watch you cum sorry.

10. yes i did my tattoos myself (not the back one) and they took me a couple years no i'm not a professional tattoo artist. No I am not getting more tattoos. The dots on my fingers don't mean anything they are just dots.

11. Yes, I have used strapons on women but they have not used one on me. I am usually dominant with women and submissive with men. Men I have only fucked while in a relationship and women I have just fucked whenever.

12. What turns me on? I watch involuntary orgasm porn. Don't know what that is? You can Google it.

13. My favorite toys right now are the Womanizer & Satisfyer Clit Sucking toys for clit orgasms and also a basic g-spot curved toy for g-spot orgasms

14. I am 5'3" tall or 160cm and weigh ~150lbs. I am not pregnant I just have a slight belly. My body is all natural not altered by exercise or surgery.
15. How many fingers can you fit in your pussy? I can intially fit only one finger. After some time I can fit another finger and then another until it is open enough to fit a penis inside or something larger even. Vaginas expand. They are designed to push babies out of them so they can expand under the right conditions.
16. Yes I have tasted my own cum. It either tastes slightly sweet or slightly salty. Women's cum does not have a strong taste like men's cum does.
17. My clit sucker toys are called the Satisfyer and Womanizer. Womanizer has more suction and Satisfyer has more vibration less suction.
Sex Machine (currently under repair): MYQU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=U TF8&th;=1
My Gaming PC Specs: (custom built by me)
Case: NZXT S340 Mid Tower Computer Case, White
CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K with Corsair Hydro Series High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB
GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX1070
PSU: Corsair CX850M
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 1TB

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