Squirt Like A Fountain All Over Her Face


(30:44min) This time you get 2 different amazing views, birds-eye and a side-view, with some slow motion squirting action!! She is wearing a grey shirt and grey leggings, & lies on a blue sheet which is easy to stain with her squirts. She finger fucking her pussy until she squirts through her grey leggings and makes a big wet spot! She pulls down her pants and keeps fucking her pussy until she squirts all over her body, face, makes all her clothes and sheet wet! Now she is wet and horny so she gets naked, gets her dildo and opens her legs up, spread eagle, & fucking her drenching wet pussy until she squirts everywhere! She wants to keep going to see how much cum she can get all over her face and body! Now that the flood gates have opened, she is quivering and moaning profusely as her pussy ejaculates a flood of pleasure liquid all over her face, body and the sheet from her multiple orgasms! We lost count how many times she orgasmed and squirted! She completely soak her face, hair, body, the floor & the sheet!

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