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Uk_dave_43's Bio and Free Webcam

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April 7, 1967
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UK - working away
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1 hour, 23 minutes
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I can't believe I've had to verify my age, I'd struggle to pass for 41 let alone 21!!!

That said, I've decided to embrace the change this might make to my broadcasting, and hope we can all get along and have some sexy fun.

Firstly - Guys - I am 100% straight, "

You may wonder then, why I let guys view, well basically two reasons,

(1)- I have found the more vewers that watch, the more chance a sexy woman may also watch, just simple logic really, it's human nature, 'what's everyone looking at'.. Don't believe, me try standing in the street looking up and pointing for two minutes...

(2)- This is a Bate site, if a guy choses to respectfully watch and enjoy, who am I to stop him, just please don't tell me what you are doing and as I said before, especially what you would want to do to me, it turns me off and will likely get you silenced or booted.

Secondly - Tips - This is new to me, as a long time 'Exhibitionist' I was always unable to accept tips now I am verified this changes, however I see tips as a sign of appreciation / encouragement only. So please don't tip thinking it entitles you to make demands or expecting that I will watch or pm.

So in the unlikely even I make any tips what will I do with them, well firstly I won't 'cash them in'. Instead I will be using them to tip sexy female broadcasters I may be watching (when I get enough..), but only when I am also playing on cam. Based on my possibly flawed logic, I hope this goes full circle I get tips, I tip girls, they make me hornier (and hopefully watch), you get hornier and hopefully you tip me.

So sorry I had to spell this all out and with any luck some of you might read it all the way to the end... and even though I don't normally acknowledge/chat with the guys chats in the room, a simple compliment/tip will normally get a thankyou, Unless of course I'm busy watching some sexy woman in another room..

So let's all try to get on --- or more to the point let's all just get off..

Also often asked 'How Big/Thick?" -- Well around 7.5" long and pretty much the same around..

PS - Guys. if you can't help yourself and have to say something sexual and how/what you want to do, at least have the decency to put it in a tip note. At least that way I will read i and wont ban you... and who knows a polite request in a note might work (not showing face or arse though...)